Video: Cap Pas Cap “Friends”

Posted on June 13, 2011


While writing my preview for the Cork Midsummer Festival, I found myself sifting through dozens of YouTube clips for inclusion and was struck by one in particular: the mesmerising “Friends” by Cap Pas Cap.

Dublin band Cap Pas Cap have an alluring catalogue under their belts already. Varied and creative, they first made their mark on the Irish scene way back in 2006 with krautrock/new wave inspired EP “Not Not Is Fine”. Since then, they have teased and tantalised with intriguing sounds: synth-laden, brooding and powerful dark-pop. They are among the most innovative acts in the Irish scene and, yet, they fall unnoticed for many in the country.

While the track I’ve chosen here, “Friends” from last November’s “Haunted Light” LP, won’t propel them to daytime radio, it is a wonderful taster for the uninitiated. Feeling like CSS at their glittering best or Tom Vek on a more mellow day, “Haunted Light” is an album that the scenesters at Pitchfork would go crazy for. Crafted impeccably, it is a slow burner that made waves with critics last year and will go on to win over many more down the line.

The video is what grabbed me for this track, even more so than the song. When a band pushes the limits for a promo video these days, it can go very right or very wrong. Luckily, for us and for Cap Pas Cap, this is of the former. It is a joy to watch.

Cap Pas Cap play the Spiegeltent as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival on June 21st. “Haunted Light” is out now.